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Seul Morning Tour

Daily 09:00~13:00 / $109
Course : Cheonggye Street → Blue House → Gyeongbok Palace → Folklore Museum → Jogye Temple
The 3-hour morning tour of Seoul will give you a memorable experience of seeing both old and new Korea. The first stop is Gyeongbok Palace built in 1395 by the first King of the Joseon Kingdom.
(Min 2 pax required for tour to depart.)

Seoul Afternoon Tour

Daily 13:00~17:00 / $99
Course : Changdeok Palace (Secret Garden) → South Gate Open Market → Insadong Alley
Changdeok Palace, shaded beneath the boughs of huge old trees lovely pavilions and lotus ponds welcomes you back into the Joseon Kingdom. A visit to South Gate Open Market, the largest in Asia. Insadong Alley is very famous for many art galleries and antique shops.
(Min 2 pax required for tour to depart.)

Daily 09:00~17:30 / $278 (Korean Style Lunch Included)
Course : Cheonggye Street → Blue House → Gyeongbok Palace → Folklore Museum → Jogye Temple → Lunch(Korean Typical) → Folk Village

In the morning, find the history of Seoul at the Gyeongbok Palace. The Korean Folk Village will feature vivid Korean culture with interesting things.
(Min 3 pax required for tour to depart.)

Folk Village Tour + Suwon Castle

Daily 09:00~16:30 / $235 (Korean Style Lunch Included)
Course : Seoul → Suwonseong Castle Lookout → Folk Village(Lunch) → Seoul

The Folk Village where the people's life of the by gone days has been reconstructed. You can see them all so vividly as if you were visiting a 16th or 17th century Korean village and you will see suwon city defense castle, 5km length, built in the late of 18th century.
(Min 4 pax required for tour to depart.)

Daily 4 hour basis 13:30~17:30 / $208

Folk Village is a living museum that recreates the lifestyle of several centuries ago. Traditional houses, black smiths and other craftsmen will show you Korean traditional ways of life.
(Min 4 pax required for tour to depart.)

Daily tour except Sundays & Holidays 7 hours / $223 (Lunch included)

In the middle of the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ), an hour and a half by bus to the north of Seoul, is Panmunjeom where the armistice was signed in 1953 ending the 3-year-long Korean War. Since then, it has been the scene of on-and-off dialogue between the democratic South and the communist North. You can go to this historic and history-making spot on a tour conducted by the Korea Travel Bureau(KTB). In escorted safety by UNC police, you will be able to look across the Border into the world's most sealed-off society, North Korea.
-- RESERVATION is received until one day prior to tour departure on first come, first served basis with full name, nationality and passport number --
Departure is from Hotel LOTTE Only. Departure Time 08:00 am. Please confirm one day before tour departure.

pic.1:Advance Camp
"In front of them all" in DMZ, this camp houses an United Nations Command Support Group, and this is where you have lunch, buy souvenirs and listen to an official briefing on Joint Security Area.
pic.2:Conference Room
Take note of the Military Demarcation Line running down the middle of the conference table. Military Armistice Commission Meetings have been held here.
pic.3:Joint Security Area
When an important meeting is being held, this area is crowded by guards and newsman. After the "tree chopping incident" it was agreed to separate the sentries and split this area into half.

Daily except Monday & Holiday 09:00~15:00 / $191 (Lunch Included)
Course : Hotel → Imjingak Park(Lunch) → Dora Observatory → The 3rd Tunnel(Lunch) → Hotel

Only 44 Kilometers, an hour's drive away, from Seoul, the third tunnel was discovered in October 1978. Almost identical in structure to Tunnel II, the 1.635 kilometer-long tunnel, 1.95 meters high and 2.1 meters wide, penetrates435 meters south of the Military Demarcation Line at a point only 4 kilometers south of the Truce Viliage of Panmunjeom. It runs through bedrock at a depth of about 73 meters below ground. Capable of moving a full division per hour, plus their weapons, it is evidently designed for surprise attack on Seoul. Almost identical with Tunnel II In structure, this tunnel is only 2 kilometers from a key outpost defending the Munsan corridor leading to Seoul.

Walker-Hill Night / $328
Riverside Drive, Casino, Gala Stage Show with Dinner(2 person min.)
(Min 2 pax required for tour to depart.)

Korea House Night / $328
Korean Dinner, Korean Folk Dance & Music (2 person min.)
(Min 2 pax required for tour to depart.)

Daily 09:00~14:00 / $344
Course : Look and Lesson about Taekwondo Class → Conferment ceremony(A suit for Taekwondo practice is included)

Taekwondo is Korean traditional martial art for men and women of all ages. It helps people keep their health by studying skills of defense and offense. Taekwondo has been in existence for thousands of years and is practiced as both a method of self-defense and a sport by men and women, young and old.
(Min 2 pax required for tour to depart.)

Daily 09:00~20:30 of the following day / $914
ACCOMMODATIONS will be provided in a deluxe class hotel on twin sharing basis with American breakfast. Single supplement charge is $85 for 1 night.

When Caesar was the ruler Rome, Gyeongju was the capital city of Shilla, a new Kingdom of ancient Korea that lasted for a full thousand years. Hill-like royal tombs over the town, its winding bylanes, temples, pagodas, museum, and the court ponds are lined with gnarled evergreens. UNESCO has designated this old city as one of the world's ten historic sites. Indeed, every spot in this city will take you back to the glory and grandeur of the ancient kingdom.
Stops on this discovery tour includes: Gyeongju National Museum, Yangdong Forklore Village, Anapji Pond, Tumuli Park, Heavenly Horse Mausoleum, Seokguram Grotto Shrine and Bulguksa Temple, Etc.
(Min 2 pax required for tour to depart.)

Daily 08:00~18:00 of the following day / $745 (Overnight)
ACCOMMODATIONS will be provided in a first class hotel on twin sharing basis with American breakfast. Single supplement charge is $85 for 1 night.

Haeinsa temple is famous for the Tripitaka Koreana, 81,258 wooden printing blocks engraved on both sides. It is the world's most complete collection of Buddhist scriptures which date back to the 13th century. The Tripitaka Koreana preserved in impeccable condition testifies to outstanding achievements of medieval Koreans in science and technology, especially printing and publishing. Haeinsa Temple is one of UNESCO's World Heritages that is not only Korean national assets but mankind's timeless treasures as well.

Daily 09:00(1st day) ~ 17:00(3rd day) of the following day / $2,036 (Single Extra $252 for 2 nights)
2nights 3days tour - Casino N Vegas hotel Hotel

The Hawaii of Korea, Jeju Island is filled with unique ancient myths and legends of the three abundance-stones, wind and women. Acclaimed for its subtropical climate and known for no beggars, thieves and doors, Jeju Island is considered as one of the ten most unspoiled tourist paradises in the world as No.1 tourist destination for Honey Mooners.

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